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    Saturday 8 April 2017, 19.30, Keele Chapel


    Artistic Director: Neil Taylor

    Accompanist: Peter Durrant

    Violin: Rosy Williams


    Parry: Songs of Farewell

    Lotti: Crucifixus

    Sanders: Reproaches

    Victoria: Responsories

    Bach: Sonatas and Partitas for Violin


    Music spanning 16th to 20th centuries.

    In Songs of Farewell, Parry reaches levels of expression rarely exceeded anywhere. The texts have the common themes of the transitory nature of life and the redeeming power of faith. As it proceeds, the music grows in number of parts and complexity of writing. Poignantly, Parry was close to death as he was composing the Songs of Farewell; the pieces can be seen as his farewell to the rapidly vanishing world of his youth and to life itself.

    The form and atmosphere of The Reproaches (1984) by John Sanders draws on Allegri’s well-known Miserere: plainsong contrasted with harmony in the verses. However, the harmonies used perhaps have more in common with Gesualdo, giving the music – as the composer says – ‘a sense of timelessness’.

    Renaissance Vittoria’s Tenebrae Responsories – we perform five of them here – are a central part of the Liturgy for Holy Week. The composer brings clarity, poise, emotion and drama to the music. As a result, we are presented with a wonderful palette of states of mind, ranging from the supremely tragic to the contemplative.

    In Lotti’s Crucifixus, the basses begin the piece with a rising figure and the music unfolds and expands organically towards an impressive cadence. The pungency of the music is obtained through suspension, dissonance and resolution of the long slow lines. You must hear this sumptuous masterpiece at least once in your life!

    We’re very excited to be offering you these wonderful pieces in our first, and highly anticipated concert with Neil Taylor. Come along for a moving and emotionally charged evening.

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    This season’s concert dates:

    3 Dec 2016, 8 April 2017, 10 June 2017


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